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Diesel is the most diverse fuel-burning engine in use today, with applications ranging from trains and cranes to bulldozers and submarines. They are simpler, more efficient, and more inexpensive than gasoline engines.

They are also safer than gasoline since diesel fuel is less volatile and its vapor is less explosive. They are particularly good at carrying huge loads at low speeds, making them suitable for use in freight-hauling ships, trucks, buses, and trains.

Because of the higher compression, the components of a diesel engine must tolerate significantly larger loads and strains than those of a gasoline engine. That is why diesel engines must be stronger and heavier and were formerly employed mainly to power huge cars and machinery.

The fundamental principle of a diesel engine

The fundamental principles of a diesel engine are based on the diesel cycle, which is named after the inventor, Rudolf Diesel. The diesel cycle consists of four basic steps: intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. These four steps form the basis of how a diesel engine operates:

Intake: Air is drawn into the engine’s cylinders through an intake valve.

Compression: The air is compressed to high pressure and temperature in the cylinders. This compression ignites the fuel in the next step.

Combustion: Fuel is injected into the high-pressure, high-temperature air in the cylinders. The fuel ignites spontaneously and creates a controlled explosion, driving the engine’s pistons.

Exhaust: The burned gases are expelled from the engine through an exhaust valve.

Diesel engines are different from gasoline engines in several key ways. Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines do not use spark plugs to ignite the fuel. Instead, diesel engines rely on the high compression ratio to ignite the fuel. This compression creates high temperatures and pressures, which ignite the fuel without the need for a spark. This cycle allows diesel engines to produce more torque and power at low RPMs, making them ideal for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and construction equipment. Diesel engines are also more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines, which is one of the reasons they are so popular in commercial and industrial applications.

What exactly is a power stroke?

The Powerstroke is a line of diesel engines produced by Ford Motor Company. These engines are designed for use in Ford pickup trucks, including the Ford F-Series, and other heavy-duty vehicles. The Powerstroke engines are known for their durability, reliability, and performance, and they have been popular among diesel truck enthusiasts for many years.

The engines are built using high-quality materials and advanced technologies, such as turbocharging and direct fuel injection, to deliver maximum power and efficiency. The Powerstroke engines are available in different sizes and specifications, ranging from 6.7 liters to 7.3 liters, and they are capable of producing significant amounts of torque and horsepower. The Powerstroke engines are a popular choice among diesel truck owners who need a powerful and reliable engine for towing and hauling heavy loads.

Why do you require a Power Stroke Engine Mechanic?

Remember the first time you climbed into your truck and felt the might of your Ford Power Stroke engine? It was an encounter you knew you’d remember for the rest of your life. The horsepower, the increased mileage, and the entire sensation you got when you turned the key.

It still gives you that same feeling, but it’s not functioning as well as it used to. Diesel engines, like other engines, require periodic maintenance and repair to keep them operating like new ones.

Power stroke repair and maintenance services include:

  • Replacement head gaskets
  • Installation of head studs
  • Stock upkeep
  • Incredible enhancements
  • In-house dyno services
  • Transmission overhauls and enhancements
  • Fuel injector replacement
  • Exhaust system improvements
  • Turbo replacements and upgrades
  • Programmers and tuners
  • Tuners made to order

Not all repair shops are the same. When you have a unique engine, such as a Power Stroke, you should not select a shop solely on how much they would price you to repair it. Instead, choose a facility with ASE-certified technicians that are prepared to handle all sorts of Power Stroke engine problems.

Numerous Advantages to Power Stroke Repair

Whether you want to enhance gas mileage, boost performance, or just do routine maintenance, you can be certain that you are in the hands of qualified and experienced experts with years of combined expertise, making your Ford Power Stroke engine operate like new again.

In addition, our specialists are uniquely educated to diagnose, repair, and service practically any problem with your Ford Power Stroke engine.

Protrans Automotive takes pride in being one of the most dependable and cost-effective Power Stroke repair shops in Mission Grove, CA. While diesel repair is our expertise, we also provide a wide range of other automotive and diesel repair services. Our technicians have also been trained to do the following:

  • General diesel engine repairs
  • Regular automobile repairs
  • Farm equipment maintenance

We also specialize in Dodge Cummins, Ram, and Chevy Duramax diesel maintenance and upgrades. At Protrans Automotive in Mission Grove, we know how crucial it is for you to be on the road with a powerful engine.

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Whether you need more information on Ford Power Stroke diesel repair or assistance comprehending repairs on a standard car, you can be certain that our specialists are here to help. The team at Protrans Automotive is happy to help you with your auto repair needs in Mission Grove. Book your appointment or contact us today.

Our Customer Reviews

Clean, knowledgable, experienced and professional. Prices were more than fair and they were a pleasure to work with on rebuild of my Ford Transit Connect's transmission. Planning on having them repair my GMC diesel next.

Rob Brown Mar 3, 2023

This is an excellent repair shop. I’ve been using ProTrans for years and they always do fantastic work.

Kevin Esterling Mar 3, 2023

Great customer service, fast and affordable repairs. Been going here for years, my family takes their cars here as well, and we all love it!

Josh Jeffery Mar 3, 2023

Truck running in limp mode. Message to service exhaust system now. Called and they told me to bring it in. This was on a Friday. By Monday it was diagnosed as a diesel particulate filter plugged up. Regen did not solve the problem. Suggested replacement of entire exhaust after treatment system. I ok’d the work. Took two weeks to get the scarce parts. Great word great people to work with. Highly recommend this shop.

Jim & Linda Walker May 5, 2020

Had to have the transmission totally rebuilt. Got it done in a week and am really satisfied. They did a wonderful job. Thanks for your help.

Jim Perod Feb 2, 2023

Repaired transmission last year and front suspension last week. Just checked with my son, who drove for first time today for significant time: "Drives great thanks for everything" So everything is great. Your usual great work!

michael mattox Feb 2, 2023

4 yr customer (car and van). Competitive prices, excellent and fast service. Wonderful staff (Jeff, Michael etc.) No return on services performed. 💝

Kathy Moore Feb 2, 2023

Went in with a problem, left with out a problem that’s what everyone likes when they take the vehicles in. Front office was so helpful and professional! I would recommend this places to everyone hands down !!! Fixed my truck within 2 days . I give this shop 5 stars rating . You can trust this shop with out worrying !! My truck runs amazing now !!!

Gustavo Sanchez Feb 2, 2023

Really good service and attitude. Brake checks for free and oil change for $100, would say best in Riverside.

Bonan Shen Feb 2, 2023

replaced waterpump, theromastat, adapter and flex fran. very pleased with the work.

Juanita Bigelow Feb 2, 2023

This was my first time visit at Protrans Automotive, I did not know what to expect and was worried about how bad my car was and what it would cost me. Jeff greeted me and was very professional and welcoming. While my car was being repaired, I made arrangements to rent a car at a rental place, which was about 1/2 mile away. I was offered a ride to the car rental place by Protrans, which was really nice and accommodating since the weather was very frigid that morning. That afternoon, Jeff called me and advised my car was ready and it was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I was pleased with their hospitality and professionalism. I am happy with my car and it is running great!!! Thank you for your great service.

Stella Sayers Jan 1, 2023

Excellent and kind car service. I did a walk-in oil change and stayed throughout the appointment. Their guest area is very clean. They were efficient and very clear with me about the service and price. I would highly recommend.

Pauline Carey-Jones Jan 1, 2023

I’ve been brining my cars to ProTrans for years (including my Mercedes). They are trustworthy, knowledgeable and back up the work that they do. Highly recommend

Dawn Jeffery Jan 1, 2023

I trust this company with my car from a simple oil change to major repairs, they always friendly they even offer cold bottle water and a comfy room to wait with a t.v

Bridget ******* Jan 1, 2023

Great place. Great atmosphere. I could tell there was a lot of respect from everyone to everyone, employees and customers.

Ben Middleton Jan 1, 2023

After buying a used 01 civic I was not sure where to go for trusted repairs, everyone was friendly and very smart. All my repairs were done in a timely manner my car feels like a new 2022 this will be my go to mechanic for all my vehicles. Thank you very much ! Shout out to Jeff and all the service department you guys are awesome!

Victor Hurtado Dec 12, 2022

Where do i start.. Wednesday afternoon 3pm before Thanksgiving on way home to Phoenix, car goes into limp mode, got referred to Protrans. Called them they agreed to take a look. Diagnosed, parts ordered and Throttle Body replaced and road tested. So very excited to know that there are still Honest shops out there that actually care about their clients. Highly recommend Protrans.

Jerry Griffus Nov 11, 2022

Very friendly! They checked our car and gave us professional recommendations for free! Will surely go back to them when next oil change needed.

Yuan-Lu Chen Nov 11, 2022

Went in for transmission repair, after diagnosing the problem they told me I didn't need a full rebuild saving me well over $1,000.00. They found some safety issues I wasn't aware of and I had them take care of all of them. The truck is running great! Thank you Protrans.

ray zambrano Nov 11, 2022

Professional, clean, courteous, helpful and reasonable.

Kevin Mahoney Nov 11, 2022

Jeff, Matt and Hayley and the team at ProTrans did an incredible job and went above and beyond for us. We had a one of a kind, 1970 Ford Chinook MotorHome that made it down to Joshua Tree from Homer Alaska. It sat during the plandemic and we finally rescued her almost 3 years later. She did not deal with the transition to desert life smoothly and was leaking badly and ran terribly. We had her towed to Riverside and found ProTrans from a referral from another shop. The team at ProTrans rebuilt the transmission and went through the engine to get us back on the road without breaking our budget. Jeff was good about communicating and Matt even drove over the day after we picked it up to help assess some issues that came up on the way home. Can’t say enough about the professionalism, care, and service we received and would recommend them to anyone for all car repairs!

Josh Munk Oct 10, 2022

Great people

david glenn Sep 9, 2022

Customer service is excellent! Job was completed promptly. Price was reasonable. They were honest and courteous. I would definitely use their services again, and I highly recommend them. Glen R. Gribas.

Glen Gribas Oct 10, 2022

Protrans-Honest, reliable, and the price is right. Had a great experience doing business with Protrans. Jeff and the crew are all awesome individuals. Now I'm a loyal customer. No need to look anywhere else. Protrans will take care of all your car or truck repairs.

Tom Sawyer Sep 9, 2022

Found and fixed the problem quickly with no upselling

Kyle Sweeney Sep 9, 2022

Protrans has a friendly and professional staff that provides good quality work.

Daniel Diaz Sep 9, 2022

Quality work, and fantastic costumer service!

Ruben Manriquez Sep 9, 2022

Highly professional. Fair prices. Very satisfied.

Sean Rhoades Sep 9, 2022

Exceptionally kind and professional. When your car needs maintenance this is the place to go!

Charlie Sykes Aug 8, 2022

Very polite and professional people and prices that were reasonable also. They also followed up to see how I liked their work. They rebuilt the transmission on my H2 Hummer. Everything seems great, and nice people to deal with.

Steve Urban Aug 8, 2022

This shop is the best at taking care of the needs of your car or truck. Straight up honesty & knowledge. Definitely would recommend!

Colin Ryan Aug 8, 2022

Coolant System - Thank you guys so much for the honest work on my car. I can't thank you enough! Awesome job AND for staying late since I was stuck in traffic. May God bless you guys!

Eseta Moala Aug 8, 2022

Good Day; The service at "Protrans" was "Top Notch " ! Before I took my car to "Protrans", I took it to another service center and I was told that it needed a Transmission Replacement to the tune of $3,500.00. I then took it to "PROTRANS" for a second opinion and their tec found that all that was needed was for the front wheel bearing to be replaced. That was a savings of over $3,000.00 dollars 💵. So if you need ANY work done on your automobile I would have "PROTRANS" ✔ it out first. T. Van Dorn

Thomas Van Dorn Jul 7, 2022

Good solid business!! Good customer service!! My car was handled with care!!! Appreciate you all!!!

Felipe Avila Jul 7, 2022

Brought my 01 accord in and they were extremely courteous, quick and efficient with their services. I honestly wouldn’t recommend any other shop in the riverside area besides them. 10/10 you literally can’t go wrong choosing them!

Keanu Ivey Jul 7, 2022

A honest and dependable place to take your car.

Gloria Lopez Oct 10, 2021

Very grateful and impressed with Hayley Jeff and Mike at ProTrans. Dealer quoted $3000 for a new transmission. Took it to ProTrans for a second opinion. They honestly called and reported that it was just an issue with the driveshaft and $150 later I was out the door. I appreciate the honesty and integrity of Jeff and this company. Would highly recommend and would return!

shane emery Jul 7, 2022

If you’re looking for an honest and affordable automotive service, this is the place. I took my 2010 Ford Focus and they fixed my issue at a reasonable price and provided recommendations to enhance my vehicle. I did take the recommendations and my car runs like new. They have great customer service and now I’m a loyal customer!

Steven Pacheco Jul 7, 2022

Very professional outfit there. These guys did great work on my Kia. I know those parts were hard to find too. My car has never run better. Highly recommend this place...Just an update I was called by the owner I believe a month ago. He was checking in to make sure everything was still OK. Thanks. You definitely don't see that kind of follow up, and customer service much. You guys are great.

Thomas Apr 4, 2022

I told my mom (Anna) that this place seemed like a great place based off the reviews. Let me tell you these people are amazing they fixed the transmission to our 2012 Kia over a month ago and the car is still doing great just passed it smog test. They were incredibly kind to my mother and sympathetic to our situation they even gave her a ride home. They worked quickly we would have gotten our car a day earlier than we did but our phone number was incorrect but never the less I would highly recommend them.

Sophie Jul 7, 2022

Had a good experience. The staff were friendly and honest.

Roy Hornaday Jun 6, 2022

Jeff, Hayley, Mike and the whole Crew at pro trans are great! They are professional, up front and most of all honest. I have used their service on multiple occasions and always left feeling confident that my van was fixed right and that I got a fair price. I recommend them to everyone!!

Nasser Dahdul Aug 8, 2020

Had an 2 quart over fill from another business that caused a leak on my transmission Protrans fixed the leak and brought the fluid down to where it's supposed to be, I thank the people at Protrans for helping me get my truck to where it's supposed to be before any damage could be done !!

Ralph Delgado Jun 6, 2022
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