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Fleet Services Available at Protrans


The demand for fleet or heavy-duty vehicles increased with the rise in online shopping trends and logistics. Fleet plays a vital role in maintaining the overall organizational structure.

On this webpage, you will learn more about fleet and heavy duty fleet services.

What do you mean by Fleet?

The phrase ‘fleet’ refers to vehicles composed of all transport vehicles owned by an organization, government agency or any other business. Sometimes, the vehicles are leased to transport companies for the movement of goods to the customer. Fleet or fleet vehicles are the vehicles that are leased to get a company’s employees to their desired location.

Fleet management functions for companies and organizations that rely on transportation to deliver goods or services. It is intended to control costs, manage productivity, and mitigate risk.

Fleet management can provide significant value to an organization by increasing efficiency in vehicle acquisition, fuel management, strengthening compliance, increasing employee safety, and lowering carbon emissions.

Different types of Fleet services

Protrans offers you a series of fleet services that include:

  • Fleet Brakes
  • Fleet Drive Train
  • Fleet Electrical
  • Fleet Front End Services
  • Fleet Suspension Work
  • Fleet Wheel Services
  • Fleet Tires

Why Choose Protrans for Fleet?

Protrans is a top-notch automobile repair shop that offers valuable and total vehicle services to all kinds of automobiles, such as SUV cars, LUVs and, importantly, heavy-duty fleets. We are specialized in keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition. We aim to provide the best services to our customers across Riverside and surrounding areas. When you enter our shop, our professional team will give their all to get the job done.

Our exceptional services include Diesel Engine Repair, AC Repair, Car & Truck Care, Engine & Transmission, Alignment, Heating and Cooling, Brakes and Transmission Services. So what are you waiting for? Call us at 951-367-7400.