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Muffler Repair and Maintenance at Protrans

Exhaust Repair

A muffler is a vital automotive component shaped like a cylinder and found on vehicles powered by combustion engines.  Vehicles are a lot more sophisticated today and their mufflers play a vital role in what they sound like. 

Mufflers come in various styles, with the primary purpose of reducing noise from the exhaust system. In other words, mufflers “muffle” the engine’s sound by reducing vibrations and preventing toxic fumes from entering the vehicle. They accomplish this by redirecting airflow and releasing poisonous gasses through exhaust made from noise-reducing parts.

If you want to upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust or muffler system, then it is vital to schedule your visit to a certified Muffler Shop like Protrans. 

Why is Muffler Repair necessary? 

A muffler repair is essential in the following ways:

  • A malfunctioning exhaust system can be enough to cause a trouble code to be generated in the engine’s computer, illuminating the check engine light on the dashboard and reducing fuel economy and efficiency.
  • A faulty muffler can cause your vehicle to fail an emissions test and safety checks.
  • The engine is designed for a certain amount of back pressure or resistance to exhaust flow. A failed muffler and low back pressure can result in a burned exhaust valve or other problems.

Warning Indicators your muffler needs repair or replacement

When your vehicle’s muffler system experiences technical glitches, it indicates numerous things. Here are some warning indicators your muffler needs repair or replacement:

Sudden excessive noise 

When you start hearing loud or strange noises, this is a sign that your muffler needs to be repaired. Because one of the muffler’s functions is to reduce the noise produced by your vehicle’s exhaust system, sudden loud or peculiar noises indicate an underlying problem. If your engine makes loud noises, it’s critical to schedule a repair before the situation worsens.

The vehicle’s temperature is running hot.

Allow the vehicle to run for a few minutes before checking the temperature to see if it is abnormally high. In some cases, a faulty muffler can cause a vehicle to overheat, requiring urgent help.


Regularly driving under rough road conditions can shake internal parts loose, clogging the muffler.

Bad fume smell

It could be your muffler if you recognize a lot of exhaust smoke coming from your tailpipe or smell fumes while driving. Exhaust fumes have a variety of burnt odors, so if you notice any strange odors, have your muffler checked and repaired. 

Physical symptoms such as an irritated throat, sinuses, and eyes may occur depending on how long you are in the car. As a result, having it checked as soon as possible is critical because it can pose a severe health risk.

Looking for Muffler Repair & Maintenance services? Contact Protrans Today!

When your vehicle’s muffler system gets distorted, it is vital to seek or hire a professional mechanic like Protrans; Riverside, CA’s most trusted automobile workshop. We specialize in transforming your vehicle’s appearance in terms of mechanical components. We have a team of certified technicians who give their best efforts and make your vehicle functional. 

A professional repair shop has the equipment to look for problems that you might not typically detect by yourself. They have enough know-how to spot any major issues and look for holes and rust that can cause serious problems.

At Protrans, we understand that a failed muffler is a more significant issue than just having a noisy vehicle. It can lead to engine damage, poor performance, heightened emission levels, and poor fuel economy, among other problems. We focus on providing convenient, reliable, and efficient muffler repair services.

We also use genuine spares and equipment to finish the job. Our prime motive is to keep your vehicle in the best condition. So why wait? Drop us a line or schedule your visit today!