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Engine Repair Service in Mission Grove, CA

Engine Repair

Nowadays, cars come with smart technology and experience major technical and mechanical faults. Proper repair and maintenance are important to keep it in the best operating manner. Engine repair is one of them. It is the most vital asset of a vehicle, whether a small or an SUV, as the engine is the heart of a vehicle and the most complex and hard to understand system. When a car engine causes a problem, there are numerous signs unleashed.

This webpage provides a complete overview of engine repair and its importance.

What do you mean by Engine Repair?

The engine is a delicate machinery component that propels your vehicle from point A to point B. Modern engines, also known as internal combustion engines, work by heating and combusting fuel inside to power pistons and move your vehicle. The engine block is the main outer portion of the engine; it is a large structure with large cylinders where the pistons can move inside as the engine is backed.

This may entail replacing a head gasket or a belt or sealing an oil pan. Repairs must be made as soon as possible so that the damage does not spread to other parts, resulting in engine replacement if left too long.

Typically, the term ‘Engine Repair’ refers to detecting faults found in an engine and repairing or replacing different parts such as valves, pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts and camshafts.

Why are Engine Repair & Maintenance Services Important?

Proper maintenance is essential for protecting any investment. Maintaining your engine is arguably the most important step to take when it comes to your vehicle because the engine is the heart of your vehicle; without it, nothing works. Regular engine maintenance is critical for extending the life of your vehicle as well as saving you time and money.

Here’s why engine repair and maintenance services are important:

Enhance Engine’s Life

Regular car repair and maintenance check ups remove all the dirt, old oil and other unnecessary elements from the car’s engine and keep your car running smoothly.

Save Time and Money

Routine engine repairs will save you time and money by detecting minor problems before they become costly and extensive repairs. Allowing minor issues to plague will result in much larger and more problematic damage, necessitating costly repairs that may leave you without using your vehicle for days.

Earn Better Gas Mileage

You might not realize it, but properly maintaining your engine can help increase your gas mileage by up to 15%. Regularly replacing your engine air filter will remove any blockages or obstructions accumulated over time, allowing your engine to perform more efficiently overall.

Improving its ability to draw air from the environment allows it to operate with less effort, lowering fuel consumption and improving gas mileage. Replace the engine air filter when you take your car in for its next service to instantly improve your gas mileage by up to 15%.

Warning Signs Your Car Engine Needs Repair & Replacement.

While every component that makes up a vehicle is important, it goes without saying that the engine is essential for our vehicles to function. And when an engine starts to fail, it doesn’t hold back. You will know right away. Warning signs are a cry for help from your vehicle. With that in mind, here are some of the warning signs you should be on the lookout for:

The Car Won’t Start

The key is in the ignition, turning to start, and thud, thud! That is not acceptable. If you are having trouble starting your vehicle, there are a few possible causes: a faulty engine. If your engine refuses to turn over while starting, take it to a mechanic to ensure it is nothing serious.

Starting problems can be caused by faulty wiring, dying batteries, or an alternator problem. Protrans offers a comprehensive diagnosis and always provides fast, affordable, high-quality service in Mission Grove.

Check engine light

When the check engine light comes on, this can mean anything from a loose gas cap to a serious problem with your engine. Even though you do not need to pull over immediately, you should have your car checked out as soon as possible.

Fortunately, modern light indicators typically have warning levels that indicate the extent of the issue. Depending on the vehicle, the light blinks or solid red indicates that your cylinder requires immediate help.

Weird sounds

If your car normally runs smoothly and you suddenly feel some shaking or hear strange sounds from beneath the hood, your engine may be on its way out. Grinding, whining, or clicking are never good signs, especially when combined with erratic movements or strange engine aromas.

Stalling on the Road

If your vehicle stalls on the road, this is another sign of something wrong. Engines can fail at inconvenient times, and a car stalling on the road indicates that your engine has failed.

Need Engine Repair Services in Mission Grove? Schedule your visit to Protrans Today!

At Protrans in Mission Grove, we have over two decades of engine repair experience that makes us different from others available in the market. You become our priority when you contact Protrans. We perform all types of engine repair and replace entire engines; however, most of those are newer customers that have been taking their vehicles to another shop for service.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your visit with our shop and get top-notch full service auto repair from AC repair to transmission and engine repair in Mission Grove today!

Our Customer Reviews

Bruce was amazing! Got my 2008 honda accord fixed up and on road in great time at very reasonable price. Thank you

Bryan Barth May 5, 2024

The wonderful team at ProTrans helped me out IMMENSELY when I called with an emergency. I had a kitten under my hood that I could not get out! After towing my car there, they helped out immediately and removed the little furball so I could return him to his home. Thanks again to this amazing group. I’ll definitely be bringing my car here for future tune ups. Great guys & great service.

mallorie Lippincott May 5, 2024

Michael and the office staff were awesome! They were friendly, communicated clearly, their estimate was accurate, and the work was done quickly. I would definitely encourage others to get an estimate and consider for any repairs or service.

Vince B Apr 4, 2024

Friendly, honest, and the service is quick. Outstanding experience every time, and they even topped off the coolant for no extra charge. Give these guys a try.

Evan Mason Feb 2, 2024

So last year I was recommended to go to Pro Trans. I have a 2015 Fiat 500. They did excellent work. This year I needed a little follow up with the same situation, and they took even better care of my car. I can't recommend them enough, not only do they take excellent care of your car, the staff is also wonderful!

Michelle Halvas Feb 2, 2024

It’s getting harder and harder to find a good shop in town they will go through your vehicle thoroughly and make sure it’s right.Great friendly staff 🤓

Marc Etter Jan 1, 2024

Prompt friendly service. They let me make an appointment. Explained services well

Ron F Jul 7, 2017

They helped me with my car when I broke down on my way to Arizona! They got the part, and fixed my car within an hour to assist me on my way home! 10/10 Thank you so much! - Jon

Jon Wilson Jan 1, 2024

Always happy with the excellent customer service, follow-up, and quality of work done. I've been going to Protrans Automotive for a few years now and Jeff and Michael have always been upfront and honest. I have never had a bad result or negative experience ---all at very fair prices in all the work I've had done. A good mechanic(s)--priceless.

Rob A Dec 12, 2023

Fantastic work! I called around to a couple of shops and they told me they couldn't help me with my 28 foot class A motor home. Those other shops recommended Protrans. I called and Cory got my RV in the next business day and my coach transmission was diagnosed that afternoon. It was quick and Cory and Jeff worked with our schedule as we had a trip reserved for that weekend. The team at Protrans rebuilt my E4OD transmission and got me back on the road by that weekend. We drove our RV 500 miles to and from death Valley via Towne pass (4963ft from sea level) no problems. ALOT OF CONFIDENCE in this transmission for sure!

Michael Salisbury Nov 11, 2023

Great service with a friendly staff! Had my truck up in running in no time. I would definitely go back to this shop

Eric Gutierrez Nov 11, 2023

I brought my 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas Vehicle to Protrans b/c it couldn't be serviced at the Dealer. Protrans was able to define the issue(s); work thru them & get my vehicle back on the road. No issues for over 6 months now. The Team is polite, very knowledgable, but most importantly professional. I highly recommend Protrans for anyone that needs service for their vehicle.

Daniel OConnor Jun 6, 2023

This is a great shop. I bought the the bilstein b12 pro suspension kit and was originally going to put it on myself. When I realized it was something I was in over my head I contacted Protrans. I heard back from Jeff and we were able to make an appointment for the next day. Brought my car in and it was done the same day. Everyone I talked to from the shop was very respectful and professional. I will be recommending this shop to all my friends and family and will be coming back for future work. 👍👍

M W Oct 10, 2023

If Protrans doesn’t deserve 5 stars, no one does. Just impeccable character and service experience. I recommend to all my friends and anyone in the Inland Empire area!

Nina Yuan Oct 10, 2023

Very professional and did a great job with my Lexus !

Blatino Carrillo Oct 10, 2023

Fast and efficient service. They gave me a quick update after inspection regarding what the issue was. After the service, my car runs smooth now. Highly recommended.

Hasin Us Sami Oct 10, 2023

Protrans staff was great to work with from the beginning. Their customer service was exceptional throughout the whole process. Giving me updates on a daily basis on the progress and concerns with my vehicle. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone who is looking to have their transmission repaired.

Jay D Oct 10, 2023

Jeff was Awesome 👌 Thank you again for all the help! My husband and I couldn't be happier. We have a Ford Fusion and there were a number of things that had to be repaired and they brought my car back to life. My engine was overheating and had problems with the a/C, Jeff had also noticed I needed some new tires and gave me and my family a great deal. I'm so glad I came to you guys when I did. The car is running smoothly 😇 We definitely found our Mechanic

VDM Mercado Oct 10, 2023

Jeff was attentive and empathetic to our situation, our car was finished in a timely manner with a great price.

Larry Padron Oct 10, 2023

Would definitely recommend Protrans. They were extremely friendly, had a clean facility and very communicative. I was ready for a rebuilt transmission but they discovered it was motor mounts and would cost a fraction of the rebuilt quote. Will be taking all of my vehicles here from now on.

Natalie Gravitt Oct 10, 2023

These guys are the real deal. From the moment I called, the lady at the front desk was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Never left me waiting or wondering. They rebuilt my transmission and gave me my truck back feeling like new. Jeff was in constant communication with me the entire time, great guy. Great techs and Honest company. Thanks Protrans!

Edward Pulido Sep 9, 2023

Great auto shop! Very communicative and reasonable prices.

Brooke Rose Sep 9, 2023

Service was friendly, clear, and respectful. Went in for a coolant leak and failing coolant fans. They charged 130$ to find the leak and about 1000$ to replace the fans and the water pump. They made some extra maintenance suggestions but were very clear on what was essential to fix the leak, and what was only a suggestion. Not pushy at all. The prices they told me ahead of time matched up with what they actually billed me for. They had the problem diagnosed the same day I took the car in and had it repaired by the next day. I had to use a payment plan for the first time to cover part of the cost. They made it… Read more

Christian Wolird Sep 9, 2023

This shop always fixes whatever problems I have with my cars. Any issues that I experience my first thought is take it to Protrans.

Austin Hamedih Sep 9, 2023

Protrans Automotive is simply outstanding! Their skilled technicians provided top-notch service, quickly diagnosing and fixing my vehicle's issues. I was impressed by their honesty and transparent pricing, making the entire experience hassle-free. The staff's professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable. Without a doubt, Protrans Automotive deserves a solid five-star rating!

LaVester Sturges Aug 8, 2023

I took my SUV VW Toureg to the dealer to have my brakes done. They did an estimate on the work I needed done with parts and told me it would be over $1000 dollars to get it done for the front brakes only. So, I called around and remembered going to Protrans a few years ago and how great their services were. I called them up they gave me a free estimate, after work was done they changed me half of what the dealer was going to charge me. I strongly recommend Protrans for any and all of repairs or services you need for your vehicle.

Jeff Stapleton Jan 1, 2021

They have a great team, very attentive to details. Made it so easy. Have already recommended them to family and friends.

Chuck Sanchez Jul 7, 2023

I do not live in California and my nephew heard about ProTrans. We called and when they checked it over, they found a hole in a hose. Fixed it and called to come get. Very professional service. Thank you!’

Susie Jun 6, 2023

Just picked up my truck it was done a couple of days early he had one of his mechanics take care of business . Clutch seems to be working perfect . This is my third time here and each time has been great .

Rex Gross Jun 6, 2023

I took the chance to just drop in without an appointment early in the morning because I needed some expertise on a problem. They were so helpful and got the problem fixed and then took care of an oil change. It feels so good to have someone I can trust to take care of our car, knowing they are honest and capable.

Linda Crites Jun 6, 2023

This business came highly recommended and they did not disappoint.

Lisa Barnes Jun 6, 2023

This place is 5 stars their the best they fixed my car in 1 day electrical diagnostics, and did oil change for only 89 , usually I pay 135 , Came back to have them charge my battery and replace my alternator and now everything works brand new . Best Place to go to affordable prices and These Guys know why their doing their Professional they worked on 2020 Volkswagen Jetta And many mechanic shops told me to go Volkswagen but I looked up reviews on who works on new Volkswagen and they were closes to me not even half a mile away. They Credit options as well which is what I used to fix my vehicle. Best Mechanic shop…

Ryan Moreno Jun 6, 2023

I had a great experience. The service was fast, fatser than most places I've been to. And the staff was very friendly and helpful. They made sure all my needs were met and all my questions got answered. Very nice place!

Fujin Raijin Jun 6, 2023

These guys did great work rebuilding my transmission and got it done within 3 days. Had to use my truck to move and the truck drove well with no issues. If you need transmission work and want it done professionally, don't hesitate to contact them. I'm a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend them.

Robert Nido May 5, 2023

The "Protrans" team is always very professional and welcoming! They always treat me & my family like royalty! I always look forward to spending quality time with Jeff & Michael!

Cliff Liles Nov 11, 2020

Protrans Automotive & Transmission the personnel at your service station are Honest and informative; providing the utmost work on my GMC Terrain. The car was checked out with an engine analyzer prior to visit. Your mechanics did a diagnostic check and came up with the same code. So, I was relieved the service station was not going to rip me of.. or take advantage of a senior citizen. Timely, informative and status of recommended work was provided. Updates discussed before their professional work continued. When I picked up my vehicle, such a difference!! It was like I received a brand new car. The Terrain runs so smoothly. The company they they run shows talent and professionalism in their automotive Skills!!… Read more

Jackie Brown May 5, 2023

I had a transmission rebuild done and diagnostic for check engine light. Super pleaseed to date with sevices! Not feeling comfortable with the estimate I got the last time I went there. I literally sold my car.

Beverly Olaiz Jan 1, 2021

It was a great experience. They doing the job in a professional way replacing the battery with the right size battery and write a qualification from the manufacture on time and friendly customer service. Definitely, I will keep them as my own mechanic from now on.

lo ra Apr 4, 2023
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