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Differential Service

Your car’s differential is one of the key players or components in keeping the vehicle moving in an appropriate direction. It’s essential to keep your front end and tires on the same page to ensure each set is given the right amount of power to go in whichever direction the driver wishes. But when your differential goes awry, it could be bad news for your car.

What do you mean by Differential Service?

A mechanic or technician will perform differential service by draining the old fluid from the differentials and replacing it with new fluid under the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions and specs.

The rear differential service differs because the mechanic or technician will perform a differential service and fluid flush before installing the new fluid.

The differential is located on the rear axle of a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The differential allows the drive wheels to rotate at different speeds during turns without causing wheel binding or leaping. When you are behind a truck, you have probably noticed that bulge in the middle of the axle.

Is differential service important?

Yes! The differential uses oil that is thicker than engine oil. Changing the oil in the differential is just as important as changing the oil in the engine because the oil wears thin and becomes contaminated over time. Without oil, the differential, like the engine, will begin to have metal-to-metal contact, which will wear the differential out.

Most vehicles’ differentials should be changed every 50,000 miles. However, your vehicle may require differential service more frequently depending on the vehicle’s mileage and travel conditions, such as dirt roads.

What are the symptoms of a lousy differential or need for differential service?

If your car’s differential system won’t function properly or experience any technical glitches, it means your differential needs replacement. Here are some of the acute symptoms of a lousy differential:

Leaking Oil

If you notice oil dripping from beneath the vehicle at one of the axles, you should immediately seek professional differential service.

The oil may also be expired or too old to lubricate any vehicle parts, resulting in the same foul odour as the metals burn due to metal-to-metal friction.

Peculiar Noises

A lousy differential will frequently make loud rattling or whirring noises. Take your vehicle for differential service if you hear these noises from under the car.

If you recognize an unusual vibration while driving, it may be caused by the differential, and it is worth taking it to your mechanic for a service check.

Unusual Odor

As differential oil ages, it can begin to smell burnt. It is time to get a differential service if you smell burning oil.

Weird Noises

Whirring, whining, or howling strange noises are another sign of lousy differential oil, implying that the metal parts, clutches, gears, and differentials have not been lubricated due to a dirty lack of clean oil.

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