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Diesel Engine Repair Services at Protrans

Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel cars or trucks are well-known for their heavy-duty performance and endurance. There are a large number of diesel vehicles out there and over time, they may encounter technical issues that need diesel engine repairs from a diesel professional.

To know more about diesel engine repairs, explore this webpage, which highlights a complete guide to diesel engine repair & maintenance services.

All about Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel Engine Repair is the act of making your diesel engine the best functioning system. It includes the removal of harmful dirt and toxic materials from the engine.

Warning Indicators that your Diesel engine needs repair services

Here are some of the warning signs or pointers that your diesel engines require repair services:

Turbocharger failure

The prime cause of needing a diesel engine repair is Turbocharger failure. These are one of the greatest ways to get more power from the engine, but they can also fail at some point when you experience black smoke coming out of the tailpipe. Diesel fuel consumption increases or decreases simply while driving on highways. At that time, a proper inspection is required.

The blue smoke leak from the diesel engine cap

You may notice an oil leak, worn-out cylinders, or overfilled tanks. Don’t hesitate until your engine starts smoking and emitting toxic blue smoke before having it inspected by a diesel mechanic or auto shop for necessary diesel engine repair service.


If you are driving on a highway and suddenly your diesel engine starts overheating, pull over and turn off the vehicle. Your engine may experience severe damage if it overheats while driving. If the issue is an overheating radiator, a diesel mechanic can fix it without replacing the entire system.

Diesel experts like Protrans can help if you notice something odd with your diesel vehicle’s performance.

Engine Oil in the Coolant system

If your diesel engine leaks oil, it will most likely end up in your cooling system. It can impact the radiator and other engine components.

What does Diesel Engine Repair service include at Protrans?

As part of routine maintenance, the fuel system requires close attention to avoid damage from dirt and water in the fuel. After many considerations, you decide to go for a diesel engine repair service, here’s how Protrans performs Diesel engine repair service:

Filter or Water Trap

Because diesel engine injector pumps and injectors have such small working clearances, the fuel passing through the system must always be clean.

There is always at least one filter in the fuel supply line, usually located in the engine bay. It may be attached to the bodywork or a bracket attached to the cylinder head. The filter element is a disposable item that should be replaced at or before the recommended service intervals.

The fuel filter traps any water in the fuel and should be drained at regular service intervals or sooner if the engine is misfiring.

Draining water

The fuel filter is usually equipped with a drain tap or plug to drain the water. First, open the vent valve on top of the filter housing to allow water to drain easily. It will usually have a screwdriver slot in the head.

If a  vent valve cannot be located, it is possible that one is not installed; in this case, one can be created by carefully undoing the uppermost fuel pipe union that is connected to the filter casing. Placing an old jar beneath the drain plug or tap, then opening the plug or tap allows the fuel to drain.

Draining the filter

A filter is drained by opening the vent valve at the top of the filter housing. If no valve is present, the uppermost fuel pipe union can be unscrewed from the filter housing.

Placing a pan under the drain plug allows the filter to drain until clean diesel fuel flows out before closing the plug, tap, and vent valve.

Servicing a canister filter

We will drain the filter by removing the vent plug or pipe union at the top of the filter casing. Remove the filter and discard it. If the filter is extremely tight, it will be removed with a strap wrench.

We then smear some clean diesel fuel on the seal ring before screwing the filter into the housing hand-tight.

Benefits of Diesel Engine Repair Services

Low fuel pressure is indicated by a diesel engine running at lower RPMs or a difficult-to-start engine. Still, these symptoms may also indicate an insufficient fuel supply or poor fuel quality. Allowing our technicians to troubleshoot your diesel engine can help ensure that the proper repair procedures are followed.

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