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ProTrans Automotive recommends preventative maintenance for extended summer trips

Protrans Recommendations

Summertime is the perfect time for a road trip, which is why ProTrans Automotive would like to remind you to care for your car with preventative maintenance before commencing your journey. At Protrans, we provide the finest automotive services for all makes and models to our Inland Empire neighbors, and we’re ready to help your summer road trip go off without a hitch.

Before taking that long-awaited summer road trip, you should consider the effect that summer weather conditions can have on your car. High temperatures, scalding roads, long trips, and dry air can wreak havoc on your vehicle.


During summer months, roads tend to heat up due to the blaring sun and scorching temperatures. Before hitting the motorways, check your tire pressure to ensure a smooth, trouble free ride. Hot pavement, hot tires, and low tire pressure is the perfect equation for a blown-out. Also, remember to check the tread and make sure you replace your tires if they are worn. ProTrans Automotive is here to test, repair, and replace your tires should the circumstance call for it.


Make sure your oil levels are acceptable. If you are closing in on the next oil change date, make sure to bring your vehicle to ProTrans Automotive before departing on your road trip. We’ll make sure your car’s oil is new, filters replaced, and you can enjoy your trip worry-free.


The rubber hoses under your car’s hood are exposed to extreme temperatures daily. The constant heating up and cooling down causes the rubber to crack, and this could mean trouble. Checking the hoses in your vehicle before hitting the road could help save you a headache on the side of the road.


As far as your belts go, ProTrans Automotive’s preventative maintenance checkup includes belt checks and replacement if needed. Vehicles with less than 50,000 miles are usually fine, but never underestimate the power of inopportune moments. A belt snapping can cause for an inoperable car, trip delays, and elevated repair costs.


The name says it all. Coolant is liquid designed to help your engine keep cool while creating internal combustion. The many moving parts of your car’s motor cause for extremely high temperatures, even before adding the summer heat into the mix. Making sure your car’s coolant is topped up can mean the difference between overheating on the side of the road and a smooth trip.


It seems like every year’s temperatures are rising to record heights, and the road is unforgiving. So, remember to ensure the air conditioning system is running properly before packing up the family for that summer road trip. ProTrans Automotive can help ensure the A/C system in your car is pumping cold air, strong and consistently.


Don’t forget to have your brakes checked. If your car hasn’t had its brake fluid flushed in while, do it before you start your trip. Ensure the fluid is topped off, and have the brake pads and shoes evaluated.and At ProTrans Automotive, we provide a full brake system check so you can have peace of mind while on the open road.


Getting stranded on the roadside due to a dead battery must be one of the worst feelings, especially when you could have done something about it. Always check for corrosion on the terminals and make sure the positive and negative leads are tight. If your battery is over 2 years old, let our professionals install a new one and avoid any battery related car issues.

Final Word

ProTrans Automotive recommends preventative maintenance prior to any extended trip in your vehicle. Summer gets intense in the Inland Empire, and being proactive with your car maintenance can help you avoid being stranded on the hot roadside with your family in the back seat. Contact us today and get your car in tip-top shape, http://protransautomotive.com/ or call us directly via phone.


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