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Air Conditioning

Nothing outclasses driving around in a hot, muggy car in the summer. When looking for professional auto air conditioning repair in Riverside, California, you want to find a mechanic who knows what they are doing. At Protrans, we understand the importance of keeping your car cool and taking good care of it.

This webpage covers the car air conditioning system and the repairing methodologies.

What does Car AC mean?

Car AC is a ventilated system that keeps your vehicle chilled from the inside and stays away from harsh hot waves outside. Different car manufacturing companies modernize their techniques to embed their air conditioning systems and keep cars looking more elegant and classy.

How does Car AC work?

The purpose of car air conditioning, also known as “AC,” is to remove heat from your vehicle’s interior and cool it down. It keeps you and your passengers comfortable. The air conditioning system is divided into two sections: high and low. Such components include the compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

The low-pressure side connects to the compressor’s inlet, while the high-pressure side connects to the compressor’s outlet. The compressor’s primary function is to pump refrigerant, which removes heat from your vehicle’s interior. When refrigerant circulates in the device, it also aids in the movement of refrigerant oil to crucial air conditioning system components.

Top 5 Warning Indicators that you need Car AC Repair Services

If your AC stops working and you don’t know what to do, it is vital to rush to the best-rated or top-notch AC repair service providers in Riverside, California, like Protrans.

Here are the top five warning indicators that you need repair services:

1. Damaged cooling fans

One of the most likely reasons your air conditioning system fails is damaged cooling fans. The cooling fans could have been damaged for a variety of reasons. These include micro-cracks in the fan blades, blown fuses, electrical shorts, etc. Any of these causes can damage the cooling fans, causing the vents inside your car to stop releasing cool air.

2.  Compressor Issue

Compressors guarantee that the refrigerant in your car’s air conditioning circulates and eventually delivers cool air through the vents. However, if the compressors are damaged, depending on their final position, your AC will either run continuously or not at all. Either way, you must seek AC repair as soon as possible. The compressor usually suffers damage when you do not use the air conditioner for an extended period. For example, you may not need it during the winter, and if it remains inoperable, the compressors may be damaged due to prolonged inactivity.

3. Refrigerant Leaking

Another primary trigger of your car’s air conditioning not working is refrigerant leaks. As your vehicle ages, the rubber seals or hoses in your vehicle’s air conditioning system may begin to break down, resulting in refrigerant leaks. As a result, it is critical to perform regular AC maintenance, especially as your vehicle ages.

4. Electrical Short Circuits

Other frequent reasons for your vehicle’s air conditioning system not working include electrical short circuits, damaged capacitors, damaged control modules, failed fuses, and so on. These problems are relatively simple to solve. However, it is essential to note that if such problems persist, they can cause acid buildup and, ultimately, irreversible damage to your air conditioning system.

5. Condenser Gets Soaked

The air conditioning system in your car is primarily driven by a condenser, which sucks in humid air, depressurizes it, and eventually feeds cool air through the vents inside your car. If this system fails, the air conditioning will not function properly. As a result, a damaged condenser could be one of the reasons your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t functioning perfectly.

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