Comprehensive vehicle reports by Pro-Trans Automotive

Comprehensive Vehicle Reports by Pro-Trans. We Understand Your Vehicle. Leveraging technology, information & connectivity for the automotive repair industry is what sets us apart. There’s no guessing at Pro-Trans. We are Riverside’s largest independent AAA-approved facility.

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to get around without a car. Automotive vehicles are now more affordable than ever, but this doesn’t minimize the importance of your investment. At Pro-Trans Automotive, we understand that your vehicle is more than just a way to get from point A to point B and we’ll help you keep your car running smoothly with accurate vehicle reports and preventative maintenance services.

Most cars are produced in a mass manufacturing plant according to set procedures that are used on hundreds and thousands of individual vehicles. Wouldn’t it be helpful to see accurate make and model reports that inform you about important performance indicators? Having this kind of heads up can save you stress, trouble, money, and future downtime by dealing with potential issues with preventative maintenance. Pro-Trans Automotive is proud to announce our new vehicle reports which accurately gives you clear information on the problems other similar vehicles have had and current maintenance required based on the mileage of your car.

Accurate vehicle reports from Pro-Trans Automotive

We live in the information age, where everything is tracked and the data provided helps us make informed and improved decisions. From the day that a car leaves the manufacturing plant, they are tracked and the information is stored and analyzed, providing trends that mechanics can use to look out for and predict possible car repairs.

At Pro-Trans Automotive, we use the most advanced automotive networking software to provide accurate vehicle reports that aid in diagnosing issues that your car may be experiencing, or may experience in the near future. We’ll then suggest the preventative maintenance that can benefit your vehicle most, depending on its mileage.

Pro-Trans Automotive vehicle reports also point out manufacturer recalls, in which case the repairs will be free of charge to you.  The factory maintenance calendar is also referenced to help keep your car servicing up-to-date. This will help keep your vehicle under warranty and avoid mechanical malfunctions while on the road.

Our factory trained, ASE certified techs can help keep your car running smoother, longer with the most complete preventative maintenance services in Riverside, CA and surrounding areas. Our accurate vehicle reports will give our mechanics, and you, a clear picture of what repairs or maintenance service is needed. All repairs are backed by our 36-month, 36-thousand-mile Nationwide Warranty!

Unlike other auto shops, there’s no guessing at Pro-Trans Automotive. Our vehicle reports help us accurately diagnose your vehicle, and recommend preventative maintenance for your car depending on current mileage.

Final word

Leveraging technology, information, and connectivity for the automotive repair industry is what sets us apart. We’re integrating these resources for an improved automotive repair experience. As Riverside’s largest independent AAA-approved facility, we strive to exceed expectations with every service.

Accurate reporting and the finest preventative maintenance is what we’re all about. At Pro-Trans Automotive, we are “Driven to Excellence”. Schedule your next vehicle service today at or call now and ask about our accurate vehicle reports at 951-367-7400

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